If I Were A Drink

I can’t help but to be as excited as my fans to have everyone hear this new single.  If I Were A Drink was born from a homeless riff and a note jotted down months ago eluding to a song idea.  Musicians know what I am talking about when I say some songs just write themselves, and this one did just that once my co-writers and I merged riff and idea together.    

This song may be a little tongue and cheek, but the message runs deep.  The title a metaphor for real life and how important it is to celebrate our diversity.  For every drink on the menu, I have a friend I could associate and celebrate the unique recipe that is them.  One thing that rings true is the strength of each one, drink and friend, that will always surprise you.  Finding the correlation between different drinks and the differences we find in each of us made writing this song so much fun.  The line in the song that says “I’m stronger than you think” ties it all together as no one should ever be underestimated.

Even though we are different, and not always to each other’s taste, “we are who we are…I’ll still see you around the bar”  shares the respect between us when we don’t share much in common.  Don’t water it down to fit in,  Own it!  Be girly, be strong, be daring, bold, smart, kind and everything in between.  Be the whole recipe that is you because being different from each other is the point. 

If I Were A Drink can be downloaded on iTunes and Spotify.  Send it to your girlfriends or share it with them over your favourite drink.  Follow the links below.