I Love You Dad

Father’s day has become an incredibly important day to me. Over a year ago my family’s life was completely shaken up when we got the news that my Dad, the strongest man I know, had a heart attack that almost took his life. To this day my family is still in shock that something like this could happen to this amazing and seemingly invincible man that we, like many other families assume, is too tough and definitely too stubborn to be affected by heart disease at such a young age.

Every moment with my Dad, every conversation and every memory now makes me so appreciative of the second chance we have with him. Remembering the night it happened, being in a state of shock and unable to control my emotions, tears streamed down my face as my hands shook. I was so scared for him and my mom, an unwavering love affair that I have been privy to for over 2 decades, and for our family. Feeling the need to do something… I grabbed my guitar and just began with a little verse that grew into a chorus and eventually a song. A song that I could share with him to show him how much he means to all of us, something he could keep forever and remind him how much he is loved.

I want to thank Nate and Paul Cavalli as my co-writers, who were there through all the tears, realizing how badly I needed to write and dove right in with me. Pat McGrath, who helped bring this song to life with his beautiful acoustic guitar. Lastly, Joseph Magee my producer and engineer who always understands my vision and never has a problem bringing out the best in everyone! I’m just so thankful. I can’t thank everyone enough!

So here it is, a song for my Dad. I share this with you all knowing that Dad’s everywhere are the strength and soul of their families and I am not the only one who feels this way about her Dad. I send you this song to share with your Dad, or the man that you call Dad, so he knows he is loved just like mine.

Happy Father’s Day!