Month: June 2018

This Would Be A Good Time

Seems like a fitting title. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and in it’s own time. This song is proof of that as my friends Nate and Spencer brought it to me at the BCCMA’s after hitting a bit of a block. From shared ideas over some greasy take out […]

I Love You Dad

Father’s day has become an incredibly important day to me. Over a year ago my family’s life was completely shaken up when we got the news that my Dad, the strongest man I know, had a heart attack that almost took his life. To this day my family is still in shock that something like […]

Put Your Big Girl Panties On!

My passion for singing and song writing is no casual love affair. It is what I believe to be, what the making of a life long marriage would look like. Unquestionable determination and commitment to my craft is my everyday jam. But like a marriage, it is dedication and a lot of hard work. So […]